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Monday, March 9, 2009

Cafeteria Regular Leaves Wealth

Photo, Vanguard Logo

A Costa Mesa, California fellow named Bruce Lindsay who seemed a "bit" more than frugal, recently passed away at the age of 79. His passing would not be making world news if it were not for his life and lifestyle. Mr. Lindsay, who grew up in the USA depression of the 20th century, made every penny count. He first was know to eat at a local hospital cafeteria to save money and later he found Vanguard University and their all-you-can-eat for $1.25 one. He ate there for decades until his passing and when he did pass he left Vanguard a special gift. Millions of $$$... You see, Bruce may have seemed cheap, but he had a great love for life and for people. Never having had his own children, Bruce loved to talk with and give advice to the college students at Vanguard. That advice was truly rock solid seeing as how Bruce had made his fortune as a careful business man. He would buy oil leases at reduced prices and also beach front real estate working them and often rolling them over to make his profits. Not to mention spending very little money along the way... See His Photo Here
Seraph Jilli

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